About the stick maker


After deciding to make a stick for myself a few years ago I decided to make a few more.  Once you get started in stick making it can become quite addictive but very rewarding. From searching for sticks in the countryside and seasoning and straightening them to polishing that last little piece of horn the processes involved in stick making are great fun.

It’s a great contrast to my career as a photographer and a nice way to spend some time away from the clean cut world of digital photography. With not a microchip in sight I head off to my workshop on a nearby farm where I while away some  time shaping, sanding, fitting and polishing the sticks I make.

I make around 150  sticks a year for family, friends and to commission via this website and through recommendation as well as selling some sticks locally in South Oxfordshire.  I can supply most types of stick from a simple thumb stick, shepherds crooks in horn or wood, market sticks, thumbsticks in wood, antler, buffalo. I can also now supply normal height walking sticks as well as the country sticks I make. Please have a look through my gallery to see some of the sticks I have made.

I am also a member of the British Stickmakers Guild.




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