Recent Activities

Recently I have moved my stickmaking activities to a local farm owned by a good freind of mine. I needed more room to store my supplies as well as more room to make more mess!

Here are a few pictures of the processes involved, and some general shots of me making sticks from a recent photo shoot we did at the stickery! Enjoy…

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I will have many sticks available soon so please sign up and get Email, Twitter or Facebook alerts when they become available.

Roe Deer Antler Commission

I had an email the other day from a gent who had a couple of Roe Deer antlers and wanted a couple of sticks made, one for him and one for his father. He sent me a picture of the antlers which I thought would be fine for stick tops so he sent them to me in the post.

With a couple of engraved collars fitted with the gents initials on I sent the sticks off just in time for the fathers Birthday! The son then wrote to me telling me how delighted his father was with his gift.

What a great idea for a father and son to have a stick each with antlers from the same animal. I am always happy to make sticks for people who have the material for the tops subject to seeing it. Please get in touch with your requirements and send a photo of your antler / stick top to