Red deer antler thumb sticks now available! Everyone seems to love an antler thumb stick!

I have a lovely selection of antler thumb sticks available this year – antler thumb sticks are very popular as they are hard wearing, forgiving, nice and tactile to hold and look pretty attractive too!  The antler comes from the red deer when the deers shed their antlers at the end of the winter in the Highlands of Scotland.

All sticks can be shortened at no extra cost before fitting a brass ferrule.

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The top 3 (A, B and C) are available linseed oiled and the bottom 3 (D, E and F) are varnished with 3 coats of yacht varnish. I will be applying more oil to these top three so will be a bit shinier if you order one.

Antler Thumb Stick A – A lightweight stick measuring approximately 53″ to the V capped with buffalo horn on one side with ox horn spacer on silver hazel shank – £55

Antler Thumb Stick B – A lovely looking antler thumb stick measuring approximately 53.5″ to the V capped with ox horn with a buffalo horn spacer on chocolate hazel shank – a real beauty – £65 SOLD JW

Antler Thumb Stick C – Similar to the above but slightly shorter at 51″ in length, capped in buffalo horn with a buffalo horn spacer – £65






Antler Thumb Stick D – A lightweight stick measuring approximately 53″ in length. Perfect for a stroll in the countryside – £55

Antler Thumb Stick E – A beautiful looking stick measuring approximately 52.5″ in length. Capped with a piece of buffalo horn on one side and stunning hazel shank this will make a great gift this Christmas  – £75

Antler Thumb Stick F – The wonky one of the bunch but nevertheless very charming, it would be a dull world if we were all perfect. Capped with ox horn and buffalo spacer. Nice and lightweight and ready to help walk off the Christmas dinner! £55 SOLD



Some lovely wooden thumb sticks perfect for walking the dog…

I have 5 wonderful wooden topped thumb sticks here looking for a home this Christmas. They are perfect for the countryman or woman, keen walker or just to take to the pub. All handmade with native woods using traditional methods. A lovely gift for your loved one this Christmas. Most will have natural imperfections in the wood and some cut /sanding marks adding character to the pieces.   All UK P&P is £20 for up to 3 sticks.

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Thank you.


AAA Thumb Stick K

THUMB STICK DECEMBER K – A beautiful burr elm thumb stick measuring approximately 53″ to the V on a lovely silvery hazel shank. Feels great in the hand for that afternoon stroll across the fields. £75

AAA Thumb Stick L

THUMB STICK DECEMBER L – A stunning looking Lyre style thumb stick with London Plane handle on hazel shank. A real eye catcher, very comfortable and a delight to use. Measuring 49″ in length to the V – £75

AAA Thumb Stick M

THUMB STICK DECEMBER M – A wonderful spalted Beech thumb stick measuring approximately 53″ to the V with hazel shank. A stunning looking piece of wood and feels great in the hand. Perfect for a walk to the pub and back! £75 SOLD AL

AAA Thumb Stick N

THUMB STICK DECEMBER N – A lighter version of the above, a burr elm thumb stick measuring approximately 53.5″ to the V on a lovely chocolate brown hazel shank. The perfect companion to the one above. Would be nice to sell as a pair as the handles came from the same piece of wood. £65 SOLD AL

AAA Thumb Stick P

THUMB STICK DECEMBER P – A very attractive burr elm thumb stick measuring approximately 53″ to the V on a lovely golden brown hazel shank. Perfect for the countryman or woman in your life. £75

A trio of wooden crooks available for Christmas! (December 2018)

I have a trio of beautiful wooden crooks here ready for Christmas! All lovingly handmade and ready for the perfect country walk. Whilst the wooden crooks are strong I would not suggest wrestling a sheep with one and would recommend a rams horn crook for such purposes – see previous post!  As with all natural products there will be natural imperfections which do add to the charm.

All crooks will come fitted with a brass ferrule and ready to use. UK P&P is £20 for up to three sticks/crooks so why not treat your loved ones.

Payment by BACS please or a 3% charge can be added if you prefer to pay by Paypal.

I am located in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only.

Any questions please ask. All enquiries to


Thank you!

AAA Wood Crook G

CROOK DECEMBER G – It’s an absolute beauty! This Burr Elm crook measuring approximately 52″ in length on hazel shank. A joy to look at and even better as a countryside companion. The perfect gift for your loved one who loves beautiful things and enjoys the outdoors. £100 SOLD MM

AAA Wood Crook H

CROOK DECEMBER H – Totally stunning in every way this Walnut handle crook on stunning mottled hazel shank with buffalo horn spacer. Measuring approximately 51.5″ in length its the perfect companion for the country man on woman. £125 SOLD SS

AAA Wood Crook J

CROOK DECEMBER J – A very striking Yew crook handle on a lovely chocolate coloured chestnut shank. Interesting markings in the handle and a joy to hold. Measuring 52″ in length. Perfect for the country lover to go for a stroll with in the summer evenings! £100 SOLD AT

Horn Crooks Now Available For Christmas! (December 2018)

It’s that time of the year again folks when I get an influx of enquiries for stick and crooks for Christmas. Well, I’m pleased to say I have a great selection of crooks in rams horn and one in buffalo horn.  As before each crooks has it’s own description beneath it and together with the length and the price.  All sticks can be shortened if needed and will come with a brass ferrule fitted. These are natural products so will have natural imperfections. All crooks are extremely strong and the horn ones are suitable to work with.

All UK postage is £20 for up to 3 sticks or you are welcome to collect from South Oxfordshire.

All enquiries to

Thank you!

AAA Buffalo Horn Crook F

CROOK DECEMBER F – A stunning handmade buffalo horn crook with pretty hazel shank measuring approximately 52″ in length. Slightly smaller handle than usual so would suit a smaller person or lady. Be the talk of the shooting party this boxing day with this beauty of a crook. £200 RESERVED GP

AAA Rams Horn Crook A

CROOK DECEMBER A -Smooth, creamy and classic in every way. A very attractive heavier crook with a lovely brown shank. This would suit a full tweed outfit for a day in the field or at the local sheep auction. At approx 52″ in length its a real cracker! £200 SOLD TOM

AAA Rams Horn Crook B

CROOK DECEMBER B – A very handsome shepherds crook with lovely cream handle and some blushing from where the ram has been in combat. This handle is presented on a lovely mottled shank. At approx 52.5″ in length this will make someone very happy this Christmas, possibly not Santa if he needs to get it down the chimney! £200 RESERVED GP

AAA Rams Horn Crook C

CROOK DECEMBER C -A fabulous shepherds crook with a golden horn handle on hazel shank, measuring approximately 52.5″ in length. A very attractive crook ready for the lambing season! £175 SOLD CS

AAA Rams Horn Crook D

CROOK DECEMBER D – A slightly smaller crook with a nice bit of horn and a very attractive shank. Measuring approximately 51.5″ in length this would suit a smaller person. £175 RESERVED GP

AAA Rams Horn Crook E

CROOK DECEMBER E – An interesting looking shepherds crook with lovely dark mark on one side of the handle. Measuring approximately 52.5″ in length and very comfortable in the hand. Perfect for a day out in the countryside! £175 SOLD MM