Basic Stick Making Workshops in Oxfordshire

I will be running a series of stick making workshops in  South Oxfordshire, near Watlington in the summer months. The course will be a day long from about 10 – 5 and in that time you will be able to make your own walking stick either with a wooden top or antler top.

The course will be £100 to include lunch and your materials. Your stick should be finished by the end of the day or almost finished and you will be able to take it home with you.

Maximum of 2 delegates per course.

Please email me at and we can look at suitable dates.

The raw material - red deer antler


Walnut handle and hazel shank to become a crook


3 finished antler sticks


2 nice crooks ready for market

These are just a few choices of what you could make on the course. It’s basic stick making ( thats all I can currently teach you!) but you will walk away with a nice stick, that’s for sure!

Please get in touch if interested.

From Field To Stick

Not for the faint hearted this post and apologies for any offence caused.

My sister in law, Sarah breeds a variety of sheep on her farm. When her Balwen Ram was due to go to the wolly cloud in the sky she kept his horns back as she wanted to do something special with them as a momento of his life on the farm.

Sarah asked me if I could fit it to a stick for her to use but with strict instruction not to over do the sanding on the horn as she didn’t want to lose its character.  So here is the result of one of the horns – she now uses it daily to help round up his off spring!

If you have the some antler or horn you would like cleaned up and fitted to a stick please do get in touch – I always fancy a challenge!



Antler Wading Staff

I had an email from a lady looking for an antler wading staff for her husband. She wanted it to be a really special gift for him and ask for me to fit it with a silver disc with his initials on and also a 924 silver collar. I got the relevant materials from my suppliers and set about making the stick. I used a nice strong hazel shank to give him maximum support in the water and fitted a good sheet of lead to the base to give weight to the staff and to prevent it from floating away in the water. The stick was also longer than a normal thumb stick to aid assistance in deep water. The bottom of the stick was fitted with a rubber ferrule to prevent frightening the fish as a brass ferrule would make too much noise underwater. Finally the bottom was wrapped in plastic shrink-wrap to keep it all looking good and waterproofing the base.

The antler top was capped with buffalo horn as requested by my customer making this a really special gift for her man. Finally it had several coats of linseed oil to the shank and wax to the antler giving the stick a waterproofing. This can be redone once a season to keep the stick in tip-top condition.

Here are a few images of the stick

…and my happy customer’s comment to me after Christmas

Just a quick mail to let you know hubby was thrilled to bits with his stick.
Thank you so much.
Kind regards
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