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I have been very busy over the last few months making sticks for Christmas! Last year I sold several at local farmers markets and various craft markets in the South Oxfordshire area. With lots of encouragement  from family, friends and customers I have made several more this year in between getting married and running my successful photography business ( These sticks are all handmade by myself with a few supplied to me from other stick makers, mainly the rams horn sticks. Sticks make great gifts for the country lover in your life. Please have a look at my stock above or by clicking here

Stick Making Stick Maker

Plenty of handles and a happy stick maker!

Walking Sticks For Sale

Plenty of sticks for happy customers!


Antler Wading Staff

I had an email from a lady looking for an antler wading staff for her husband. She wanted it to be a really special gift for him and ask for me to fit it with a silver disc with his initials on and also a 924 silver collar. I got the relevant materials from my suppliers and set about making the stick. I used a nice strong hazel shank to give him maximum support in the water and fitted a good sheet of lead to the base to give weight to the staff and to prevent it from floating away in the water. The stick was also longer than a normal thumb stick to aid assistance in deep water. The bottom of the stick was fitted with a rubber ferrule to prevent frightening the fish as a brass ferrule would make too much noise underwater. Finally the bottom was wrapped in plastic shrink-wrap to keep it all looking good and waterproofing the base.

The antler top was capped with buffalo horn as requested by my customer making this a really special gift for her man. Finally it had several coats of linseed oil to the shank and wax to the antler giving the stick a waterproofing. This can be redone once a season to keep the stick in tip-top condition.

Here are a few images of the stick

…and my happy customer’s comment to me after Christmas

Just a quick mail to let you know hubby was thrilled to bits with his stick.
Thank you so much.
Kind regards
Read more happy customers comments on my commissions and testimonies page

Sticks for sale as of December 13th 2011

Due to various farmers markets and craft markets I only have a few sticks left for 2011. If you are looking for something unique for a family member or friend then sticks make great gifts! Have a browse of the gallery below and please contact me through if you require further information on any of the sticks. I can shorten any sticks to order but unfortunately have not yet learnt how to lengthen them!! Prices from £25 to £120 P+P £5 UK

Sticks for sale as of November 2011

Current stock as of 14th November, please enquire for further details

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Antler shooting stick

Shooting Stalking Stick

Here is a fabulous antler thumb stick but with a much larger ‘v’ than usual, large enough to rest a gun in. Therefore I’m selling this one as a stalking/shooting stick ready for the shooting season. I have capped the antler with buffalo horn as usual and the antler is some of the best quality I have seen with lovely dark colouring. I have fitted a buffalo horn collar for added strength for when out in the field and also fitted a magnetic ferrule to help pick up cartridges a couple at a time!

All in all a great stick I’d be happy to keep however it must go as I need to make room for more sticks!

Photo shoot with the sticks today!

Pure indulgence this morning! I packed the car with sticks and headed off to a nearby wood to photograph my sticks – becauese I need to start selling a few to make room for more!

As I was photographing my sticks two couples approached me as they admired my work. ‘Are they for sale thay asked?’ This was the least likely place I though I would sell any sticks but within 1 hour 2 sticks had been sold to happy dog walkers.

Here is my favourite stick which I have decided I will be keeping as my ‘best’ stick – it will not be used for beating as its far to good.  The shanks is spalted hazel, which you pay a premium for and the antler is a superb example I bought off a chap in Scotland. I just need to get myself a dog too!

Check out the cheeky ladybird in the bottom right of the photo!

First Post

Hello, this is my first post of my new blog – Lord’s Country Sticks.

This blog is about my hobby of stick making and love of the great British countryside. I will be showcasing the sticks I make together with the processes involved in making them and my interests in the countryside.

So, to start with here is a photograph of the first 8 sticks I made last year, 7 of which sold within 1 week at a local pub in South Oxfordshire.

My first attempts at stick making (that I'm willing to show)

From left to right we have a burr elm crook on a hazel shank, ash/rosewood laminate thumb stick on hazel, red deer antler capped with cow horn capping, a one piece crook style fruit picking stick, a churchill buffalo thumb stick on chestnut with a bone spacer, large antler thumb stick with walnut cappings and walnut spacer, a buffalo crook with copper collar and a lovely birch staff.