Photo shoot with the sticks today!

Pure indulgence this morning! I packed the car with sticks and headed off to a nearby wood to photograph my sticks – becauese I need to start selling a few to make room for more!

As I was photographing my sticks two couples approached me as they admired my work. ‘Are they for sale thay asked?’ This was the least likely place I though I would sell any sticks but within 1 hour 2 sticks had been sold to happy dog walkers.

Here is my favourite stick which I have decided I will be keeping as my ‘best’ stick – it will not be used for beating as its far to good.  The shanks is spalted hazel, which you pay a premium for and the antler is a superb example I bought off a chap in Scotland. I just need to get myself a dog too!

Check out the cheeky ladybird in the bottom right of the photo!

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