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PRE 2015

These are the current sticks I have available and I will try to keep this page updated with new stock as it arrives. Most of my sticks are now made to commission so I have limited stock.  All orders can be tailor-made to suit your exact needs and personalised to your own taste. Please email me at to discuss your requirements.

Please note all sizes below are  approximate and generally to the nearest inch.  Sticks can either be fitted with brass ferrule, rubber ferrule or both (the rubber one fits over the brass one) at no extra charge. Sticks can be shortened but unfortunately not lengthened!

The sticks are made from natural products and will have natural blemishes etc which add to the character. No two sticks will ever be the same.

Postage to UK mainland £15 via 48 hour Parcel Force tracked and signed for.

Any questions please ask, in the meantime please enjoy the sticks below.

I currently have a large selection of thumbsticks, oiled, ferrules fitted and waiting for a winter walk. Various thicknesses and weights. All £30 - please email for more details

I currently have a large selection of thumb sticks, oiled, ferrules fitted and waiting for a winter walk. Various thicknesses and weights. All £30 – please email for more details

IMG_5801An example of a thumb stick, a country classic everyone should have! £25 SOLD


Knob sticks, made from hazel with the knob being the root of the tree and the stick part being the growth. Shorter in length from around 34″ long to 42″ long. All oiled, ferrules fitted and ready to go. Small Knob sticks – £20  Large – £25 SOLD

IMG_5788An example of one of the large knob sticks, lovely in the hand will burnish nicely with use. £30 All large ones now sold but plenty of small ones at £25 each. ALL SOLD

IMG_5782Oak Lyre handle on a hazel shank measuring 56″. Very strong stick suitable for the shooting man who wants to hang his cartridge bag on it. £45. SOLD


Antler fisherman’s stick with hazel shank and buffalo horn tip & spacer. Fly set in resin on cornet of antler. 59″. Perfect for the angler in your family £65 SOLD


Buffalo horn shepherd’s crook on deep green chestnut shank. Good useable stick, 53″. £35 SOLD


Zebrano hill walking/shepherds crook stick on crab apple stick and copper collar, 51″. £65 SOLD


Buffalo shepherd’s crook on chestnut shank with horn collar, loads of character 54″. £65 SOLD


Antler thumb stick with Wenge spacer on a hazel shank tipped with bone, 56″. £45 ALL SOLD Current stock click here



Lovely buffalo thumb stick with buffalo tips & buffalo collar on a chestnut shank – a real looker! 50″. £50 SOLD


Lovely ladies rams horn crook with a carved acorn on a varnished hazel shank, 48″. £85 SOLD


Beautiful, strong working leg cleek in ramshorn on a varnished hazel shank – very rare. 53″ £100 SOLD


Rams horn crook with carved thistle on a varnished hazel shank with buffalo horn spacer. 50″ £120. SOLD


Walnut market stick with bone spacer on a hazel shank. 54″, £65


Walnut market stick buffalo spacer on a hazel shank. 53″, £50 SOLD


Lovely nose-out shepherd’s crook in beech on a hazel shank. 52″, £75 SOLD


Oak shepherd’s crook on a hazel shank. 53″, £65 SOLD


Oak crook on hazel shank with wenge spacer. 60″, £55 SOLD


Exotic wood market stick with triple bone & buffalo spacer on a spalted hazel shank. 53″, £50 SOLD


Churchill thumb stick in walnut capped with  spalted wood tips and spacer on hazel shank. To the ‘V’ 53″, £50 SOLD


Burr elm thumb stick on a hazel shank with dark wood tips & spacer, very attractive. To the ‘V’ 50″, £60 SOLD


Buffalo horn Churchill thumb stick on a dark hazel shank with bone tips & spacer. 55″, £65 SOLD


Cherrywood Churchill thumb stick on a crab apple shank & dark wood tips & spacer. 53″, £50 SOLD


Cherry wood Churchill thumb stick with yew tips & spacer. 48″, £45 SOLD


Selection of one of my most popular shapes, can you work out why they’re called Churchill thumbsticks?


Antler stick with whistle carved into the tine, capped with walnut on a hazel shank. 49″, £45 SOLD


Antler stick with whistle carved into the tine, capped with walnut on a hazel shank. 53″, £50 SOLD


A few hiking poles left with antler handles, slight curve to the handle. Some capped with buffalo horn & some with rams horn. From 46″ to 50″, £30

I have 3 lovely rams horn crooks for sale approx 52″/53″ in height all on hazel shanks. These are great quality and perfect for the forthcoming lambing season. The three cream coloured crooks are £150 each and £15 P+P to UK

Please note the red or pinkish areas is called blushing and a natural part of the crook material. It is from where the ram has been fighting!!

Rams Horn Crook 4
Rams Horn Crook 4 SOLD
Rams Horn Crook 3
Rams Horn Crook 3 – £150
Rams Horn Crook 1
Rams Horn Crook 1 SOLD
Jacob Rams Horn Crook
Jacob Rams Horn Crook – SOLD

This is a delightful and rare Jacobs Rams Horn shepherds crook I have for sale at just £200. This is a great opportunity to acquire a very attractive rams horn crook for a very good price.  The crook is fitted to a very nice hazel shank. This stick will not be available for long, it will make a perfect gift for the shepherd in your life!!

Rams Horn Market Stick

A lovely market stick measuring approx 50″ on a chestnut shank, perfect for walking, working around the farm and even leaning on for a chat!! £100

I only have a limited number of shepherds crooks and sell them very quickly once they appear on my website. To avoid any disappointment please contact me.