Sticks for sale as of November 2011

Current stock as of 14th November, please enquire for further details

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First Post

Hello, this is my first post of my new blog – Lord’s Country Sticks.

This blog is about my hobby of stick making and love of the great British countryside. I will be showcasing the sticks I make together with the processes involved in making them and my interests in the countryside.

So, to start with here is a photograph of the first 8 sticks I made last year, 7 of which sold within 1 week at a local pub in South Oxfordshire.

My first attempts at stick making (that I'm willing to show)

From left to right we have a burr elm crook on a hazel shank, ash/rosewood laminate thumb stick on hazel, red deer antler capped with cow horn capping, a one piece crook style fruit picking stick, a churchill buffalo thumb stick on chestnut with a bone spacer, large antler thumb stick with walnut cappings and walnut spacer, a buffalo crook with copper collar and a lovely birch staff.