The greatest Jacobs crook I’ve ever held…

I receive several emails every year asking for Jacobs crooks as they are so beautiful and highly regarded amongst collectors and those that use and enjoy their crooks. I am delighted to be able to offer this mighty fine Jacobs Horn crook to anyone who would like it. As with all of my sticks and crooks they will have natural imperfections which just make them more individual and unique. I’m sure the new owner will only be only delighted with this fine crook.

All crooks can be shortened and once sold will be fitted with a brass ferrule before shipping. UK postage and packaging is £20 and Europe £50  – I do not send crooks to USA or Australia

Payment by cash, BACS or cheque.

I am based in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only.

All emails to


Jacobs Crook A

Jacobs A2

This beautiful crook measures approximately 52″ in height, the opening in the head is 3″. A larger heavy crook suitable for a gentleman I would suggest. Due its beauty, the cost of the horn and its rarity this crook is priced at £350 and will make a great and unique present.



Roe Deer Antler Commission

I had an email the other day from a gent who had a couple of Roe Deer antlers and wanted a couple of sticks made, one for him and one for his father. He sent me a picture of the antlers which I thought would be fine for stick tops so he sent them to me in the post.

With a couple of engraved collars fitted with the gents initials on I sent the sticks off just in time for the fathers Birthday! The son then wrote to me telling me how delighted his father was with his gift.

What a great idea for a father and son to have a stick each with antlers from the same animal. I am always happy to make sticks for people who have the material for the tops subject to seeing it. Please get in touch with your requirements and send a photo of your antler / stick top to