New 2 piece thumb stick made to commission

Recently I had an email from a gentleman who had seen a few sticks I had been selling on Ebay who asked me to make him an antler thumb stick that would break into two pieces. This was an interesting challenge and not something I have made often. So after just 2 weeks I sent the stick off to the gent who is delighted with it.

When I was making this stick I realised how handy it could be for a stick to be broken in two for easy transportation/ storage, for the travelling sportsman jet setting around the globe on shooting/fishing holidays.  So on that note I am available to make more of these useful sticks with prices starting from just £75.

This particular example had the antler capped in buffalo horn, a nice chunky spacer of black buffalo horn between the antler and the hazel shank and the ends of the 2 pieces of stick will black buffalo to protect the ends.

Here are a few pictures of the stick I could not resist taking before sending it off!

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