A couple of beautiful Jacobs horn sticks available!

Some of my followers will know how rare it is to get Jacobs rams horn nowadays for stickmaking and generally once I get them and list them they fly out the door the same day!

Well I have two lovely sticks here, dare I say his and hers or your weekday stick then your lighter thumbstick for the weekend.

As always these are made from natural materials and will contain imperfections adding to their charm.

UK P&P £20 for one or both sticks

Either can be shortened to length before I fit a brass ferrule.

Jacobs Rams Horn October

First up I have a lovely market stick measuring approx 51.5″ in length on a hazel shank with a couple of lovely lighter flashes on the back of the handle (see insert photo). Feels great in the hand and perfect as a working stick, on the peg or country walk over the fields to the pub. £175 SOLD BC

Jacobs Rams Horn Thumb Stick

Second up is a delightful thumb stick with Jacobs horn handle on a hazel shank measuring 50″ to the V. This is a lighter shank so I’d recommend it for a lady, child or smaller gent and someone not relying on it taking all of their weight! Very attractive – I almost kept it myself! £75 SOLD BC

I’d like to see the pair go to the same home so as an incentive (perfect gift for husband and wife!) I will sell the two for £225 SOLD AS A PAIR!

UK P&P £20 for one or the pair.

All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com please.

Thank you