Looking for something a little different for the weekend?

I have four splendid wooden crooks here all ready to head out the workshop for a lovely autumnal walk.

All sticks are made from wood and will show slight imperfections adding to their charm and individuality. Wood can easily be waxed or buffed up to keep a good shine if that’s what you wish or they will take on a lovely patina from just using them. These are all varnished to protect them but I find a little wax or polish will keep them in tip top condition.

All sticks can be shortened and once sold will be fitted with a brass ferrule before shipping. UK postage and packaging is £20 and Europe £50 – I do not send to USA or Australia

UK postage for up to 3 sticks is just £20 too so please check out my other sticks too.

Payment by cash, BACS or cheque.

I am based in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only. I would be able to show you the sticks in our carport so safely outdoors during the Covid pandemic.

All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com please.

Generally I’d not recommend wooden crooks as working crooks as the crook will inevitably snap if wrestling a sheep, however 3 of these are laminated so will be stronger and should take a bit more punishment – if you dare!

First up we have this beautiful crook with Beech outers and Purple Heart wood in the centre. All glued up in a gig as a three ply laminate left to dry before the shape of the crook is cut out, filed and sanded into shape.

Wooden Crook A £90
Detail images of Crook A showing the Purple Heart wood laminate

Measuring approx 51.5″ to the top it is a nice looking and strong crook with hazel shank looking for fun in the countryside – £90

Lacewood Crook B £85 SOLD LL

Next up we have a lovely looking Lacewood crook on hazel shank measuring approx 52″ to the v. A bit less jazzy than the others listed but a great looking crook which feels great in the hand. Perfect for a trip to the pub once they reopen! £85 SOLD LL

Wooden Crook C – £95
Wooden Crook C Detail

My personal favourite this beautiful laminated Beech and Purple Heart shepherds crook with hazel shank is truly beautiful. Strong, stocky and attractive it has everything going for it. It measures approx 51.5″ in length on a chunky chocolatey hazel shank. A real corker for just £95

Finally and possibly the showstopper to some people is this very attractive and useful beauty!

Wooden Crook D £110
Wooden Crook D detail images showing the ply wood laminate!

I could pretty much guarantee you will not see another one of these on your travels at the moment! A very attractive and strong crook, probably too good to use on the farm and I know many collectors follow me looking for something unusual so here it is!

Plywood core with American Walnut outers on a lovely mottled hazel shank. A cracking Christmas present for loved one or for yourself!

Measuring approx 51.5″ in length it can be shortened before I fit a ferrule. A real stunner and I don’t think the recipient could ever be disappointed! £110

More Rams Horn crooks now available. This really is the last of the crooks before Christmas!!!

Due to popular demand and the fact the last lot of rams horn crooks sold so quickly I have managed to get another 11 together to sell before Christmas. This really is it now for 2015 stock and once these 11 are gone I will have no more rams horn crooks in stock before next Spring. These are some of the best I have had too making them all the better to give as a gift to you loved one or for yourself this Christmas.

All crooks below are made from Welsh Mountain Ram horn (except Crook DEC A)  and hazel shanks. The joint is held together with a piece of threaded bar  and 2 pack epoxy resin and are very strong indeed! The shanks take on different colour in the bark depending on where they have been grown. This is a handmade product so will have natural imperfections in the horn and wood but add to the character of the stick. All shanks are varnished to protect the wood from moisture and if looked after will last for years to come. All sizes are approximate to within 0.5″. All sticks can be shortened to length and will have a ferrule fitted before sending to you.

UK postage and packaging is just £15.00 for up to three sticks! Europe is £50. All prices are in GBP and to be paid by BACS  or cheque on request. Paypal is also acceptable with a 3% surcharge.

Now the exciting bit. Here are the crooks……

Crook DEC A

Crook DEC A – A rare opportunity to own a lovely Jacobs horn crook. I have very few of these each year and they are often the first to sell. 53″ in length, its a strong and sturdy crook ready for the countryman. Ideal for a shepherd, for shooting or just for a country walk. This will make a great Christmas gift! SOLD SR

Crook DEC B

Crook DEC B – Smaller than average but beautifully made this would make the perfect companion to a shepherdess or lady who enjoys country pursuits. Would also suit a gent with smaller hands! Lovely markings in the hazel shank and measuring 52″ in length. SOLD NV

Crook DEC C

Crook DEC C – A good strong working crook for the person with larger hands. 52″ in length this lovely silvery hazel shank has a beautifully mottled rams horn crook and will make a great working companion. A strong and good looking crook, you will be the envy of the market or field! SOLD CB

Crook DEC D

Crook DEC D – A lovely simple rams horn crook on hazel shank measuring 52″ in length. A perfect medium sized crook and a useful tool.  SOLD J O

Crook DEC E

Crook DEC E – A great shaped crook, slightly heavier than average so suitable for a gentleman. Lots of great character in the horn and a nice feel in the hand. Lots of evidence of the rams life left in this horn with signs of blushing (where its been fighting!). This has to be one of my favourites. 52″ in length SOLD BEV

Crook DEC F

Crook DEC F – A lovely curly crook meaning 52.5″. Plenty of character and blushing in the horn. Feels great in the hand and is of medium weight. A useful tool for the shepherd or shepherdess, farmer or to help walk off that roast dinner! SOLD MM

Crook DEC G

Crook DEC G – a very colourful crook of medium weight, measuring 52.5″ in length on a rich brown hazel shank. Plenty of blushing and it has a distinct strip on the front of the horn too. A real eye catcher for SOLD NF

Crook DEC H

Crook DEC H – Another smaller crook to suit a lady or gentleman with smaller hands. Measuring 52″ in length with lovely mottled shank this is sure to make a great Christmas present for the farmer or small holder. Feels great and in the hand and a nice shape. SOLD JC

Crook DEC I

Crook DEC I – An absolute cracker at 52.5″. This is a heavy weight stick, thick horn and shank for someone looking for a really beautiful and useful crook. It’s so nice I’ve just had to look at it again to consider keeping for myself it but how many sticks does one man need?! Therefore its got to be £225 but I don’t think anyone would be disappointed to find this is their Christmas stocking!  SOLD DD

Crook DEC J

Crook DEC J – A good all rounder, nice medium to heavy weight useful crook for the farm, to hang your coat on whist on your peg or just to lean on at market or to catch your breath! 52″ in length this is a good dependable crook. Nice horn and a good shape. SOLD JW

Crook DEC K

Crook DEC K – Last but by no means least here is a lovely rams horn crook on a reddy brown shank with horn spacer. A attractive stick which would look great with the tweed or just for walking the dog! Slightly smaller than average so would suit a smaller gent or lady. SOLD RYAN

If you would like to reserve any of the above crooks please email me at lordscountrysticks@gmail.com

Thank you, Mark