Antler Thumb Sticks For Sale

I have four lovely antler thumb sticks available in time for Christmas and one lovely buffalo lyre thumb sticks. These are the only antler/horn thumb sticks I will have before Christmas and once they are gone they are gone.

Of all the sticks I sell these are probably the most popular as everyone seems to love a bit of red deer antler and it does look wonderful mounted onto a nice shank.

Red deer shed their antlers annually and I have a supplier who collects it from a couple of estates in the Highlands of Scotland.

All sticks are made from natural products and will show slight imperfections adding to their charm and individuality.

All sticks can be shortened and once sold will be fitted with a brass ferrule before shipping. UK postage and packaging is £20 and Europe £50 – I do not send to USA or Australia

Payment by cash, BACS or cheque.

I am based in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only. I would be able to show you the sticks in our carport so safely outdoors!

All enquiries to

Antler Thumb Stick A

Antler thumb stick A is a lovely piece of antler on a silvery hazel shank measuring approx 51″ to the v and capped in Ox horn. Nice and dark on one side and whiter on the reverse, its a nice looking stick looking for a country ramble. Feels better in the right hand than the left – £65 SOLD JK

Antler Thumb Stick B

Antler thumb stick B is a very attractive stick feeling better in the left hand than the right but fairly ambidextrous. Capped on one side with Ox horn and mounted on an attractive hazel shank. Measuring approx 53″ to the v and like all of my sticks can be shortened before I fit a ferrule – £60 SOLD JK

Antler Thumb Stick C

Antler thumb stick C is a real corker looking for its forever home in the countryside. Lovely bit of red deer antler capped in buffalo horn and a beautiful darker chocolatey hazel shank. It feels slightly better in the left hand than the right but fairly ambidextrous again. Measuring approx 52.5″ to the v its the perfect Christmas gift for your loved one or yourself! £70 SOLD MP

Antler Thumb Stick D

Antler thumb stick D is a simpler stick, not capped but rounded off and varnished to seal it. A nice looking thumb stick meaning approx 54″ to the v on a lovely hazel shank. Feels great in the right hand and ok in the left. A nice stick ready for the country walk over the fields to the pub with the dog – £55 SOLD MD

Finally the odd one in the bunch is a very nice looking black buffalo thumb stick.

Buffalo Thumb Stick E

A classic stick that tends to sell fairly soon after posting them on here or my Facebook page. This shape is called a Lyre handle and made from black buffalo horn. Its a wonderful material that is easy to polish and was well with age. A very popular stick to see in the field whilst on peg or perfect for the daily dog walk. Approx 52″ to the u on the handle on a silvery hazel shank. £70 SOLD LL

All enquiries to


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