Wooden Thumb Sticks For Sale

I have a wonderful selection of simple wooden thumb sticks in preparation for Christmas, perfect for a country walk to the pub and back!


Most of these handles are made from a block of spalted beech, a couple in London plane and a yew.

All sticks are made from natural products and will show slight imperfections adding to their charm and individuality.

All sticks can be shortened and once sold will be fitted with a brass ferrule before shipping. UK postage and packaging is £20 and Europe £50 – I do not send to USA or Australia

Payment by cash, BACS or cheque.

I am based in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only.

All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com


A Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb A – Lovely looking thumb stick in London Plane wood with hazel shank measuring 49″ to the v. A real beauty at £65

B Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb B – A nice bit of spalted beech makes up this handle on hazel shank measuring 53.5″ to the v. Narrower in the V so suitable for skinny thumbs only!  – £55

C Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb C  – A lovely Churchill thumb stick in spalted beech measuring 53.5″ to the v. Feels great in the hand -£55 SOLD DMB

D Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb D – Churchill thumb stick in London Plane wood on hazel shank measuring 51.5″ to the v – £50 SOLD MMc

E Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb E –  markings on this piece of spalted beech making up the handle on a hazel shank. Measuring 50″ to the v – £50

F Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb F – A real head turner of spalted beech on hazel shank measuring just under 52″ to the v. Beautiful in every way and a perfect gift for your loved one – £65

G Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb G – This style is a Lyre handle made from spalted beech on hazel shank measuring 51.5″ to the v. A lovely looking stick – £55 SOLD RR

H Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb H – An interesting Lyre thumb stick in Yew with triple spacer in bone, buffalo horn and cow horn! With a lovely mottled shank its very unique! Measuring 49″ to the v its a perfect gift for yourself or loved one – £65

J Wood ThumbWood Thumb J – Lovely little handle on this one in spalted beech on hazel shank measuring 51″ to the v. A bargain at just £50.


All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com


Thank you!



Beautiful Handmade Thumb Sticks For Sale

I have a small selection of beautifully crafted thumb sticks in native British woods, two in red deer antler and one in the less native buffalo horn.

All handmade and may contain natural imperfections as expected with wood. These sticks make the perfect companion for a walk in the countryside, hill walking, or taking the dog out.

UK P&P £20 for up to three sticks.

BACS payment is my preferred method of payment but can accept payment via Paypal with a 3% fee.

These are the last of the crooks in rams horn and wood (see previous posts) and thumb sticks for 2017 so to avoid any disappointment please contact me at lordscountrysticks@gmail.com to secure your stick.

I am happy to reserve sticks for 48 hours whilst payment is arranged. Viewings can be arranged by appointment only in South Oxfordshire.

Enjoy the sticks and wishing you all a very Merry Christmas.

Thank you!



Antler Thumb Stick A – This interesting antler thumb stick has a lovely curve to the handle making it a pleasure to hold. Made of red deer antler tipped with tipped with Ox horn and buffalo spacer this will make a lovely gift for the countryman or lady. Measuring approx 52″ to thumb rest – £75 SOLD


Antler Thumb Stick B – Lovely dark and textured red deer antler thumb stick capped with buffalo horn and with buffalo horn spacer. Measuring approx 51″ to thumb rest this will make a wonderful gift for him or her at the peg – £75 SOLD SC


Buffalo Horn Thumb Stick C – A rare opportunity to acquire a buffalo horn thumb stick and quite different to many of the preformed handles available. It has a lovely curve to the handle making it a pleasure to use. It has a bone spacer and lovely chocolate coloured hazel shank. Measuring approx 50″ to thumb rest – £75 SOLD ANGUS


Burr Oak Lyre thumb stick F – This interesting thumb stick has a beautiful grain in the burr oak and a silvery mottled hazel shank. An absolute winner! Measuring approx 51.5″ to thumb rest – £75 SOLD DN


London Plane thumb stick E – Wonderfully shaped London plane handle on hazel shank. You don’t see many stick as attractive as this in the field! Measuring approx 49″ to thumb rest – £75


Spalted Beech thumb stick G – A very attractive thumb stick with a spalted beech handle on an interesting hazel shank with ox horn spacer. Beautiful to hold and would look good with the tweed. Measuring approx 51″ to thumb rest – £75


Yew Thumb Stick D – Another stunner, this beautiful yew handle sits on an interesting hazel shank. Perfect for the field, the woods or the hills. Measuring approx 49″ to thumb rest – £75