Wooden Thumb Sticks For Sale

I have a wonderful selection of simple wooden thumb sticks in preparation for Christmas, perfect for a country walk to the pub and back!


Most of these handles are made from a block of spalted beech, a couple in London plane and a yew.

All sticks are made from natural products and will show slight imperfections adding to their charm and individuality.

All sticks can be shortened and once sold will be fitted with a brass ferrule before shipping. UK postage and packaging is £20 and Europe £50 – I do not send to USA or Australia

Payment by cash, BACS or cheque.

I am based in South Oxfordshire and welcome enquiries by appointment only.

All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com


A Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb A – Lovely looking thumb stick in London Plane wood with hazel shank measuring 49″ to the v. A real beauty at £65

B Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb B – A nice bit of spalted beech makes up this handle on hazel shank measuring 53.5″ to the v. Narrower in the V so suitable for skinny thumbs only!  – £55

C Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb C  – A lovely Churchill thumb stick in spalted beech measuring 53.5″ to the v. Feels great in the hand -£55 SOLD DMB

D Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb D – Churchill thumb stick in London Plane wood on hazel shank measuring 51.5″ to the v – £50 SOLD MMc

E Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb E –  markings on this piece of spalted beech making up the handle on a hazel shank. Measuring 50″ to the v – £50

F Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb F – A real head turner of spalted beech on hazel shank measuring just under 52″ to the v. Beautiful in every way and a perfect gift for your loved one – £65

G Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb G – This style is a Lyre handle made from spalted beech on hazel shank measuring 51.5″ to the v. A lovely looking stick – £55 SOLD RR

H Wood Thumb

Wood Thumb H – An interesting Lyre thumb stick in Yew with triple spacer in bone, buffalo horn and cow horn! With a lovely mottled shank its very unique! Measuring 49″ to the v its a perfect gift for yourself or loved one – £65

J Wood ThumbWood Thumb J – Lovely little handle on this one in spalted beech on hazel shank measuring 51″ to the v. A bargain at just £50.


All enquiries to lordscountrysticks@gmail.com


Thank you!